Top 5 Great Public Speakers and What We Can Learn From Them

Some people are born great public speakers. Some educate themselves and keep training to get better.

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Top 5 Great Public Speakers and What We Can Learn From ...

Some people are born great public speakers. Some educate themselves and keep training to get better.

The Complete Guide of Repurposing Content

Say hello to the number one topic covered in conversations between content creators and marketers: “Content creation is the key.”.

Decktopus End of the Year Wrap-up

In the past year, our company reached new hights in growth and engagement. Take a glimpse at our end of the year wrap-up report!

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks of 2021

Blogging is a nice way to create a side income to support luxury expenses. Even if it is a fun way to spend your spare time, wouldn’t it be great if you can make money just by making a visit and helping another company grow?

Top Presentation Statistics for 2021

Decktopus shared a survey and collected data on presentation related trends and tendencies. The survey results reflect the responses of over 300 participants, with significant participation from business professionals, academics and student bodies.

Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

Quarter round-ups are getting closer and you want to hit the goal and get this year done right. We feel you.

Your Questions Answered

We were delighted to receive a host of great reviews and solid questions from the community, giving us a significant reminder of why we do what we do. To make it easier for you, we gathered the most frequently asked questions in this blog and shared the answers gathered by our expert team.

Hottest Black Friday Deals for Presentation Softwares

It is the very thing on everyone’s mind right now: discounts and deals. As Black Friday is just around the block, all brands are caught in a deal making frenzy.

Hacks to Improve Your Productivity at Home

Working from home has become a routine part of our lives after COVID19. After slowly transitioning to remote working, a lot of people created beautiful looking working spaces and discovered very useful tools to increase their productivity.

Presentation Template Series 8: Company Orientation

Internship programs, new job recruitments, and orientation weeks of educational institutes…

5 Reasons Why Design Matters in 2021

Design has become such a hot word for many industries including medical technology, consumer packaged goods, and, even, retail banking.

Presentation Template Series 7: Strategic Partnership P...

It’s correct that building a strategic partnership is harder than creating a partnership document but it’s the first step to take action.

Decktopus Partners with Appsumo for Exclusive Deals

Guess who partnered with Appsumo to offer an exclusive deal to future users. Your favorite online presentation tool, Decktopus!

Course Creation 101: How To Create A Succesful Course

This is the sign you have been waiting for. How many times have you thought of turning your experience and success into an asset while helping others grow?

What Makes for a Good Presentation?

Presentations are not just about a group of text and images that look more put together and organized. A presentation is basically the best way to tell a story.

An Effective Presentation: Why Does it Matter?

The 5 key points we are going to outline here are all about power. Yes, you could present a message with a simple speech. But the truth is that a presentation is going to make the message come out way stronger.

Presentation 101: How to Make a Simple Presentation

Albert Einstein once said “Smart people simplify things.” It is these wise words that we should live by; perhaps, it is time we walk away from complex structures, thoughts, processes and embrace all that is simple.

Presentation Template Series 6: Business Plan & Strateg...

A proper business plan allows entrepreneurs to map out their goals and trace their achievements during their growth.

Get Permission From Your Parents: A Guide

When was the last time you asked permission from your parents to go to a sleepover and how did it go? Did you get the door slammed after having “the conversation”?

Presentation Template Series 5: Team Portfolio

Some people consider themselves to be a lone wolf, the odd man out, the rogue elephant, a lone rider… In fact, when given the chance, a lot of people prefer to work alone on projects.

Early Stage Entrepreneur Hack: Talking to Users

You have your idea and you have your pitch deck. You knock on some doors, pitch the idea, and even though your pitch deck looks stunning, the investor is not sure about the idea. They want to see the transactions first. What a bummer!

Presentation Template Series 4: Progress Report

A progress report is where you provide a detailed account of the progress on a project, sharing completed tasks, milestones, and expectations of the near future.

Presentation Template Series 3: Service Proposal

Famous author Jeffrey Gitomer once said: “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”

Presentation Template Series 2: Airbnb Pitch Deck

Currently making a profit of 2.6 billion dollars, functioning with over 6300 employees, and privately valued at 31 billion dollars, AirBNB is no longer just “the Uber for the hotel industry”.

A Message to Students and Teachers: Decktopus is here t...

Studies have shown that teachers are spending at least 3.5 billion dollars on class materials and supporting equipment every year. Does that sound fair? Decktopus didn’t think so!

Presentation Template Series 1: Homework Presentations

It is back to school season! Whether we like it or not, it comes around every year.

Creative Presentation Ideas for 2021

With over 50,000 presentations being created every day it is easy to wonder, what in the world are people creating all these presentations about.

How To Make The Best Startup Pitch Presentation?

About 90% of new startups fail. What’s more, only 40% of them actually turn a profit. But, don’t let these numbers discourage you...

Are Presentations Common in College?

You just graduated from high school. There are so many things you will miss, but also so many things you will never...

Ultimate Presentation Tools

The common task of presentation making has become an all too regular part of our lives. No matter where or when...

Is Having too Many Options Bad?

The one thing many of us hate is being given the freedom to choose. Many people prefer having a limited amount of options...

7 Big Presentation Mistakes

Sitting through a bad presentation can be a nightmare. But, being the one giving that bad presentation is admittedly worse...

Why Students Hate Giving Presentations

Every single person is different. Some flourish under the spotlight, while for some it is the one thing they dread the most...

Public Speaking Tips to Deliver the Perfect Presentatio...

The time has come for the thing you fear the most. You gathered the content, created the presentation, the cards...

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