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Efficiency and Productivity

Rapid Creation

With its disruptive, unique UI, Decktopus lets you control your whole presentation at one glance.

Smart Slides

Auto-adjusted components, auto-scaled texts, intelligent layouts. With Decktopus, who needs design skills?

Content Assistant

Your online presentation assistant Decktopus brings you best supporting content via its content suggestion engine.

Mobile Support

View, play and even create your presentations on mobile. No need to download an app. (1st solution in the World)

AI Assistant

Automatically adjusted, intelligent layouts.

Your thoughts converted into beautiful slides effortlessly.

How It Works

This is how Decktopus perfects your presentation

Create a presentation for any purpose.

No Bad Design Allowed

Restrictions that bring perfection

Bad presentation design example


This is not PowerPoint or Keynote. You have no unlimited options and choices

Decktopus isn’t a tool that leaves you alone on your presentation preparation journey, it is your assistant. The system doesn’t let you fill your slide more than it should be. It limits your component items, text lengths… Cause Decktopus always prompts you to demonstrate the best slides. With what is ideal for your audience.

Unique Templates

Game Changer!

Change the presentation template for a totally new look and feel with a single click.






Content suggestion engine using rich libraries.

Remote Work

This is the future of work.

Work remotely as if together

Create online presentations and make them reachable online


They trusted the best online presentation tool

Gregory Bell

I’ve used PowerPoint for years and thought that creating nice presentations always takes long sleepless nights - until I found Decktopus. I’ve just started to prepare a presentation and finished it on the same day, it’s like a dream.

Priscilla Edwards

I LOVE this presentation tool. It’s very simple to use and lets me create really good-looking presentations quickly. Thank you Decktopus!

Dustin Williamson

The truth is I was confused when I first used Decktopus because it is waa-ay different from other presentation tools like PowerPoint or Keynote. But I gave a chance and I’m very happy about the decision. Now, my favorite presentation tool is Decktopus.

Create stunning presentations
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No need to spend hours of time or to have design skills